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Hi everyone,

Apologies for such a long radio silence from the mods, and for the belated nature of this announcement. After much serious discussion, and a long, hard look at our schedules and commitments, [personal profile] renay and I regret to say that we will not be able to run Mega Flare in 2012. In early 2013, we will regroup and gage interest in hopes of running a third round next year.

We hope that this announcement doesn't come as too much of a disappointment to anyone. And if you had a story idea you were hoping to write, please don't let this discourage you from doing so! If previous rounds of Mega Flare proved anything, it's that there is an audience for longer stories set in the Final Fantasy universes.

Also don't forget that previous rounds produced almost 20 great stories, and they are all still available in the AO3 Mega Flare collection. Check them out, and leave our authors and artists some love if you enjoy them!

Thanks to everyone who has supported and created for this project with so much enthusiasm, and we hope to see you all again in 2013.


KJ and Renay
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Congratulations to our participants who made today's official posting deadline!

Two more stories have been posted, one with artwork:

Reap the Whirlwind by [personal profile] stealth_noodle, a FFIV story featuring Barbariccia.

A Means to an End, written by [personal profile] deadcellredux and illustrated by Bix, a Turk story set after the end of FFVII.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in this year's 2011 round of Mega Flare! :) Late posting will be open until at least next spring, so if you finish late, please feel free to go ahead and post your work. Although we will no longer be checking for new stories every day, we'll continue to post and promote every week or so. Please do take a look at your fellow participants' stories in the AO3 collection, and if you like them, make sure to let the creators know!
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Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that we have just two days left in the official posting period for the 2011 round of Mega Flare. So get those stories and artwork in!

Also, as of today, two more stories have been added to the collection:

Balthier's Guide to Ivalice by empyrean: "Balthier takes us on a tour of Ivalice, from the Westersands to Giruvegan, and not-so-gently guides Vaan into sky piracy the best way he knows how."

Wardens of Ivalice: The Joining, an FFXII crossover with Dragon Age: Origins by [personal profile] owlmoose.

Read and enjoy. And good luck to everyone still working! We are almost there.
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Congratulations to [archiveofourown.org profile] wingeddserpent, the first person to post a story for the 2011 round of Mega Flare!

trust is (in itself) a miracle - FFVII, "What it means to be a Turk in those bleakest days."

Check it out!

And good luck to everyone who is still working! The deadline looms, but you still have time. She tells herself, determinedly.
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The Mega Flare 2011 collection is now open for posting, both stories and artwork!

Not sure how to post your creative work to the collection? Check out the posting tutorial here.

Need an AO3 account? Contact the mods.

Ready, set, go! :D
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Can you believe that posting time is almost upon us? We sure can't! And yet here we are, only a few short days away.

The 2011 Mega Flare collection on AO3 will open on Friday, October 28th, no later than 10am Pacific Time. An announcement will go up here once the collection is open. Posting will be open for a little over two weeks, until Sunday, November 13.

Planning on posting and still need an AO3 account? Please let the mods know as soon as possible! The invite queue is reportedly quite long right now, so it's best to contact us if you need one.

Good luck everyone!!!
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Hey everyone! Just a reminder that artists are still able to sign up and claim stories through this coming Sunday, October 2nd!

There are still nine great stories available within a number of Final Fantasy canons: FFIV, FFVII, FFXII, Dissidia, and three crossovers of various sorts.

The claiming post, with instructions, is here.

The sign-up form for artists is here.

Still looking for a beta, or interested in volunteering? The beta matchmaking post is here.

Any questions? Let us know!
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Update: Story Selection and Artist Signup are officially closed! Please contact the mods with any questions.

It's that time: story selection time!

Authors: Thanks to all of you who got your summaries and rough drafts in on time! The form will remain available for late submissions through this Friday, September 23rd. We will add late submissions to the bottom of the post throughout the week, but bear in mind that later additions are less likely to be claimed.

Artists: Have at it! Summaries are listed by canon (all single-canon stories first, followed by all crossovers), and then alphabetical by author. Please comment to this post with the story you would like to claim. Claims via email or PM will not be accepted; you must leave a comment. Once every artist has had the opportunity to claim at least one story, you may claim a second story if you like. Claiming more than one story is a great thing to do if it won't overcommit you, but it is entirely optional. We will edit the post and make an announcement to the community once the second round of claiming is open. Each story may be claimed by only one artist. If you're the first person to claim a story, it is yours. We will email you with the contact information of your author within 48 hours of making your claim. Story selection will remain open until (note that this is later than originally stated!) Sunday, October 2nd at 11pm Pacific Time (Click here for the time in your location). However, we would appreciate everyone claiming as soon as possible so that we can open up the second round of claiming.

If you are an artist who hasn't previously signed up for Mega Flare, but you see a story that you want to illustrate, never fear! Artist sign-ups are open through October 2nd as well. Here is the form to sign up.

All right, enough administration. To the summaries!

1 FFIV, 3 FFVII, 2 FFXII, 1 Dissidia, and 3 crossovers )
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Hello authors! The rough draft deadline is almost upon us, as we prepare for story selection to open next week.

Story Submission Form

You will also need to include a summary -- these are what the artists will use to select their story. All summaries and drafts are due by Sunday, September 18th at 11pm Pacific Time (click here for the date and time in your area).

Remember, we aren't necessarily looking for a complete or polished draft, just enough progress that an artist can be reasonably confident that you will finish by the deadline. The required minimum draft wordcounts for each level are:

Flare: 1,700
Ultima: 3,400
Mega Flare: 6,700
Giga Flare: 13,400

If you signed up as a team with an artist, there is no need to submit your summary or draft. Stories without artwork are also more than welcome in the collection!

Any questions? Let the mods know! Thanks, and happy writing!
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Hi everyone! Sorry we've gone so long between updates and reminders -- we hope all our authors are all making excellent progress. A few things:

1. Artist sign-ups are still open until September 25th! Join us, and send your friends! As of this writing, we only have three artists who are not signed up as a team with an author, and we'd love more. Cookies for anyone who helps us recruit.

The Sign-Up Form

2. We've had a question about whether vids and fanmixes are allowed as story artwork, along with more traditional illustrations, and we are happy to announce that the answer is officially YES! More creative outlets can only be a good thing. Currently, video embeds are supported from Youtube, Vimeo, blip.tv, Dailymotion, Viddler, Metacafe, 4shared CreativeCommons, ning and vidders.net. Details about fanmix hosting will be coming soon. Once it's all together, we'll add everything to the FAQ in plenty of time for posting.

3. Authors: the rough draft deadline is coming up on September 18th! Don't panic, though -- this doesn't mean your story needs to be finished, or even completely drafted. Our only requirement is that your draft be at least 33% of the wordcount for your selected level (see the bottom of this post for specifics). Watch for the submission form to be posted sometime next week.

You can also choose not to submit your story for artwork if you're not sure you'll be ready in time -- stories without artwork are more than welcome in the collection! And of course, if you signed up with an artist partner, there's no need for you to submit a summary or a draft.

That's all for now. Any questions, just let us know!
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This is your official notice that author sign-ups for Mega Flare 2011 are now closed! We have 34 authors participating! Thanks for such a great turn-out, and we look forward to seeing everyone's rough drafts in September! Watch the community for more reminders.

Artist signups will stay open through September 25th.

The Sign-Up Form

We will be running the [community profile] boss_battle support community again this year. Come on over for our first activity tomorrow, and feel free to join the community if you haven't already done so. Remember that this community is for Mega Flare participants only. If you're still a member because participated last year, but aren't doing so this year, feel free to stay! Cheerleading from past Mega Flare folks is more than welcome. :)

Thanks again to all the authors who signed up, and we look forward to seeing more artists join us!
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Hey everyone,

The signups continue, with 27 authors and 2 artists currently participating in Mega Flare this year!

Authors, if you have been thinking of signing up, time is running out! Signups for authors close this Friday, July 9th, at 11pm Pacific Time (click here for the time in your location).

Artists, you still have plenty of time, so no worries if you're still unsure. We recently received a question about whether other types of fan media will be accepted (vids, fanmixes, etc.); the answer to this question is likely yes, but we don't want to make anything official yet, because we're still determining what kinds of media can be embedded over at AO3.

The Sign-Up Form

As always, please let us know if you have any questions!
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Hi everyone! Signups are going great so far. As of this writing, we have 18 authors signed up to participate, at every level, including one brave soul who is taking on the Giga Flare challenge of writing 40,000 words!

To date, we only have one artist signed up to participate, so if you've been on the fence, get off the fence and come sign up! :) We'd love it if people would spread the word, too; [personal profile] renay and I have big plans for advertising in artist communities, but the more advertising, the merrier. If you have ideas of places for us to post, to attract both artists and authors, please let us know!

The Sign-Up Form
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That's right, the time has come! Signups for Mega Flare 2011 are officially open!

The Rules


The Sign-up Form

Any questions not covered by any of the above? Leave a comment here, or contact the mods at our shiny new email address: megaflareff@gmail.com

Welcome, and have fun!

Love, your mods, [personal profile] owlmoose and [personal profile] renay
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1. What is Mega Flare?
Mega Flare is a Big Bang for the Final Fantasy community. It's an opportunity for writers and artists to work together to create long stories illustrated with awesome art! Authors will write a story of at least 5,000 words, and artists will chose at least one story to illustrate with a high-quality artwork. For more details, see the rules.

2. Sounds great! When can I sign up?

  • Sun Jun 5: Sign-ups Open

  • Fri Jul 9: Author Sign-ups Close

  • Fri Jul 9: Mega Flare 2010 Collection Closes

  • Sun Sep 18: Rough Drafts Due

  • Mon Sep 19: Story Selection Begins

  • Sun Sep 25: Story Selection Closes

  • Sun Sep 25: Artist Sign-ups Close

  • Fri Oct 28: Posting Begins!

  • Sun Nov 13: Posting Ends - All stories and artwork due

All closing times and due dates are 11pm Pacific Time (UTC -6).

You can find a complete list of our rules on this page, including expectations for writers and artists as well as details on signing up as a team.

3. What's the deal with the different length options?

After gathering feedback from last year's participants, we decided that more people would be able to participate in the challenge if we offered a little more flexibility. So this year, we are offering authors the opportunity to choose their own wordcount goal, as follows:

Flare - 5,000 words
Ultima - 10,000 words
Mega Flare - 20,000 words
Giga Flare - 40,000 words

4. What counts as "Final Fantasy"?
Any media property with the words "Final Fantasy" in the name, including all the main game titles, spinoff titles, and movies, that has been released to the public. Complete list behind the cut: )

If you do not see the Final Fantasy title you wish to write about, please ask!

Also, please note that this does not include Kingdom Hearts or Vagrant Story. You are, however, welcome to write a crossover with either (see below). Also check out [community profile] hardmode, a Big Bang for all game fandoms. Signups are currently closed, but keep an eye out for next time!

5. So, what about crossovers? Or Alternate Universes?
Allowed and encouraged! Just make sure that at least one Final Fantasy canon is an important element of the story in terms of setting and/or characters.

6. Do I have to write one long story, or can I write a bunch of short stories that add up to to my word count goal?
Like most Big Bangs, the intent of Mega Flare is to encourage and support writers who are interested in writing longer Final Fantasy stories. Therefore, we require that writers write a single story rather than a series of shorter stories. Of course, stories can be broken into shorter sections such as chapters, but they should be posted all at once.

7. How do I post to AO3?
Everyone will need an AO3 account to participate. If you don't have one yet, please contact the mods as soon as possible and we will get you one. Alternately, you can sign up for the invite queue.

Posting tutorial is behind the cut! )

8. When will I be able to post?
We will allow posting starting in early October, so you can post as soon as you're done! Note that the stories will be hidden until we officially open on October 28th, so you will still be able to edit up until that date.

9. Can I post my story elsewhere?
After the collection officially opens on October 28th, you may cross-post your story and artwork wherever you like. But please don't post your story or artwork publicly before that date.

10. Oh no, I'm not going to finish by the deadline! What do I do?
First, don't panic. We understand that life happens, and that things don't always go according to plan. If you run into trouble at any point during the process, up to and including half an hour before the reveal, please contact the mods, and we will do our best to help you. The sooner you contact us, the better, but even at the last minute it's better to contact us than to disappear.

11. I defaulted last year. Can I still sign up this year?
Yes. We will not penalize anyone for having defaulted on last year's challenge. However, please do consider whether you will be able to commit this year, especially if you plan to submit a story for artwork or sign up to illustrate a story.

12. I finished my story but haven't heard from my artist/I finished my artwork but haven't heard from my author. What do I do?
Contact your author/artist, let them know that you are ready to post, and ask them for a timeline. You should also ask them if they mind if you post your creation separately. If you aren't comfortable doing this yourself, drop the mods a line and we will be happy to do it for you!

13. How do I contact the mods?
Email is the best way -- megaflareff@gmail.com!
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That's right! The time we hope you have all been waiting for is finally here: the official announcement of the new round of Mega Flare, the Final Fantasy Big Bang.

Based on how things went last year and your feedback, we have made some changes to how the project will run, so please read the rules closely. We hope to have a FAQ ready sometime next week. And now, with no further adieu:

Rules for Mega Flare 2011: The Final Fantasy Big Bang

1. Schedule! All closing times and due dates are 11pm Pacific Time (UTC -6).

Sun Jun 5: Sign-ups Open
Fri Jul 9: Author Sign-ups Close
Fri Jul 9: Mega Flare 2010 Collection Closes
Sun Sep 18: Rough Drafts Due
Mon Sep 19: Story Selection Begins
Sun Sep 25: Story Selection Closes
Sun Sep 25: Artist Sign-ups Close
Fri Oct 28: Posting Begins!
Sun Nov 13: Posting Ends - All stories and artwork due

2. This year, we will institute a new wordcount levels option! Authors will be able to sign up for one of these four levels:

Flare - 5,000 words
Ultima - 10,000 words
Mega Flare - 20,000 words
Giga Flare - 40,000 words

We hope that having a variety of challenge levels will make it easier for more people to participate. Please choose your preferred level on the sign-up form. Of course, nothing is stopping you from writing a longer story.

3. We will have announcement communities on LJ and DW both! However, for ease of modding and communication, comments will be allowed only on the Dreamwidth community. Anonymous and OpenID commenting will be open for those who neither have nor want DW accounts. (If you don't have a DW account and would like one, drop the mods a line -- we have plenty of invites.) Come check us out at [community profile] megaflare_ff or [livejournal.com profile] megaflare_ff!

4. All stories must be posted to the AO3 Mega Flare collection.
  • If you don't already have an AO3 account, request an invite here. It's a good idea to do this as soon as possible.

  • Stories may be broken into chapters, but you must post the entire story at one time -- no spreading it out over several days or weeks.

  • You are totally welcome to cross-post as you wish!

5. Expectations for authors
  • If you would like artwork, send a rough draft of the story to the mods by Sunday, September 18th. Your rough draft must have a wordcount of at least 33% of the total wordcount for the level you selected.*

  • Unposted WIPs are allowed, with a maximum of 25% of words at your selected level already written.**

  • We will open story posting on October 28th, and it will stay open for approximately two weeks. Sunday, November 13th is the final deadline!

6. Expectations for artists
  • Be available the week of September 18th for story selection.

  • Post one or two high-quality fanart pieces inspired by the story you have chosen. You should work with the author to embed the artwork in the story as posted on AO3. Although AO3 doesn't offer image hosting, we will! Watch the community for more information about how to upload your artwork.

  • Anyone is welcome to sign up as both an author and an artist, but you must select someone else's story to illustrate.

7. Collaboration!
  • We definitely encourage artists and authors to sign up as a team! This suggests that you will work on the project together from the beginning. When you sign up, please let us know that you are going in together so that we know that you don't need to participate in story selection.

  • Authors who sign up with an artist do not need to turn in a draft. However, please check in with us at this stage to let us know how it's going.

8. Betas
  • Although we won't be doing official beta sign-ups, anyone is welcome to advertise their services as a beta in this post.

  • Betas are not required, but they are strongly recommended.

9. Other stuff
  • Defaulting: In life, things happen. You may get to a point where you realize that you just aren't going to be able to finish your story or your artwork -- maybe not on time, maybe not at all. Either way, please feel free to contact the mods at any time, either by email or by leaving a comment on the DW community. No worries! Whatever it is, we would rather know and have the opportunity help you out.

That's all for now! If you have questions, feel free to comment or contact the mods. The FAQ will be up soon. Watch this space!

Love, your mods,

[personal profile] renay and [personal profile] owlmoose

*The required minimum draft wordcounts for each level are:

Flare: 1,700
Ultima: 3,400
Mega Flare: 6,700
Giga Flare: 13,400

**The WIP maximum wordcounts for each level are:

Flare: 1,250
Ultima: 2,500
Mega Flare: 5,000
Giga Flare: 10,000
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Hey everyone,

Don't forget to take our feedback poll! We had over 70 signups for Mega Flare last year, but as of this writing only 15 people have filled out the poll. Whether or not you finished, or even if you're just interested in participating next time, we want to know what you think! The poll will remain open through Monday, April 25th.


KJ & Renay :)
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Hi everyone! Apologies for the belated nature of this exit poll -- we meant to post it in January, but then life happened. Please note, if you haven't yet posted your story and/or artwork for this round, you are still welcome to do so! Even though this is labeled an "exit poll", the AO3 collection is still open for fanworks created for the 2010 round.

Also, speaking of fanworks, another new story has been posted since our last announcement! Those Who Favor Fire is a FFVI AU story by [personal profile] stealth_noodle. Come check it out, along with all the other stories in the collection.

And now, without further adieu, to the poll! This is a Google Docs poll, so all answers are completely confidential unless you choose to identify yourself. It is open to everyone with an interest in Mega Flare, whether or not they participated in the 2010 round. Come one, come all!

Thanks, and sorry again for the delay. Look for an announcement about future rounds of the project soon!
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Hello again! Welcome to a new year and some additions to our collection. :)

Dead Men's Tales, a FFXIII story by [personal profile] imadra_blue now has artwork by [personal profile] nan. Feel free to check it out!

A new story was added to the collection: Reflections, a FFXII story by [personal profile] mako_lies.

Just a reminder: posting will remain open even though the "official" deadline has passed. We'll be checking for additional work posted to the collection for a round up at the end of each month. Congratulations to the writers and artists and good wishes to those still working. ♥
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Hi everyone,

This is it: the official posting period for Mega Flare 2010 has ended! Congratulations to everyone who got stories and/or artwork in on time.

Three more stories went up today! They are:

Dead Men's Tales by [personal profile] imadra_blue, a FFXIII story featuring Hope/Cid.

Shift the Skin by kirana, a post-FFVIII Seifer/Squall story.

The Haunting of Vector Hall by Shaded Mazoku, a Leo/Kefka FFVI AU.

Also, [personal profile] dagas_isa's story, Alchemy off the Coast of Ivalice, has now been updated with artwork by [livejournal.com profile] muggy_mountain!

As a reminder, posting will remain open even though the "official" deadline is now past. No need to do anything special for a late post -- just add the story to the collection as usual. We will continue checking in on the community and doing promotion posts here, although not every day.

Once again, thank you and congratulations to everyone who finished, and best of luck to everyone who is still working!