Aug. 22nd, 2017 09:37 am
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This morning was amusing in its own fashion - my boss (who I carpool with as he has the house next to the one I'm renting until the end of the month) and I usually leave for work at either 6:10 or 6:40 (catching either the early or late train). So typical morning routine is that if I haven't heard from him by 6am then I text him, usually just to ask "6:10? or 6:40?"

So I do that today, and get no response. I shrug and settle in to putter around the house because no response means the boss has overslept and we'll be leaving at 6:40.

....and then it was 6:30. And then 6:40. No boss.

So finally, at 6:45, I walk over to his house. His truck is there, no lights on in the house. So I text him a few more times, then call him, then call his wife, knock on the door, call him again... finally he answers.

"Hey, what's up?"
"Did you oversleep? It's 6:50."
"Yeah, it's okay, it's only 5:50."
"No, it's 6:50."
".....oh shit, it's 6:50!"

*facepalm* So we caught the latest train in to work, which is fine, and I can razz him about this for awhile. XD

On the downside, I took my meds at 5am, then we didn't get to work until 9:30 instead of the usual 8am. Since I usually eat breakfast as soon as I get to work, this pushed back the addition of food to my med cocktail far enough that my stomach was in cramps by the time we got here. Application of toast and eggs seems to have pacified it.

Bliss, by the way, is charging up my old iPad mini, emptying everything off of it except my favorite ebook reader (Marvin), and then downloading all 4700+ books in the CatDragon shared Calibre library. Ecstasy will be when I successfully sort all 4700+ books into sensible categories. (I did just realize Marvin has something called smart categories, which means I can pull up everything that is NOT in a category, and as I sort them into categories they disappear off the list. Woooo!)


Aug. 21st, 2017 04:53 pm
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It was only around 75% totality in my area, but still pretty cool. I'm very glad the sky wasn't obscured by fog, which was sounding entirely possible yesterday morning.

Probably I should have gotten my act together to find a place to see the totality. Maybe in 2024, where the totality is further away but closer to people I might reasonably be able to visit.

Meanwhile, have some tree shadows from the courtyard in front of my office.

The Monday Checklist

Aug. 21st, 2017 10:15 am
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Traditional Adulting
Get a home warranty (Choice Home Warranty)
Call about ordering tires for car (Mon)
▹ WED - Call Dad if haven't heard from him already post-op
▹ Measure mattress heights - what size boxspring?
▹ Pull everything that's already packed out of closet
Order more boxes
▹ Remember wasp spray next trip to new house
▹ Pack downstairs books (after getting boxes)

Non-Traditional Adulting
▹ Patreon - troll
▹ Patreon - kittens
▹ Patreon - abyss
▹ Patreon - tweak/revamp tiers (y'all are paying too much for my inconsistent ass)
▹ BLP.com - update front page, remove dropped books & B&N store links

Remember the Backburner
▹ DM.org - still busted
▹ Self - material studies
▹ Self - chapter headers

Don't Forget
★ NEXT MONDAY - Drive Pro, new tires + headlights (7:30am-12pm)
★ NEXT MONDAY - Frontier internet setup at new house (1-5pm)
★ Mythic+ Dungeons - Fri 7:30
★ Tomb of Sargeras Raid - Sat 8:30 (make more flasks!)

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Aug. 20th, 2017 03:30 pm
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I was tidying this morning and found the missing 4mm needles. I was (am, really) using them to hold the stitches of a hole on a scarf until i sussed out how to repair it. Its been like a year o.o

Oiled Jenny this morning, even in places the manual doesn't say to oil. She sounds much better, less kachunky.

Picked up some ribbon to finish the quilted petticoat. Maybe it would have been cheaper to buy at the fabric store but they don't tend to have the same variety of colours. I almost spent more on the ribbon than the fabric lol. I'll get to work on that later. Right now i am trapped under the cat and we are probably going to nap.

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Aug. 19th, 2017 08:09 pm
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I need to remember to do blood donations in the evening. I couldn't donate for so long that I don't know if this was a problem when I was younger, but these days I'm totally useless after donating. I picked up sewing machine oil on my way home (and rolled my ankle stepping out of their door and hit the ground) and spent the rest of the day lumping on the couch. I did knit a bit (finished Baa-ble hat #2 before I left, though they both require end-weaving and pompoms; started a shawl; thought about starting more fingerless mitts, but the missing 4th needle of my 4mm set is a problem), took a nap, read some patterns... and now its 8pm and I'm starting to feel like I have brains in my head again. At least if I donate in the evening, I will only be awake for a few hours before sleeping through a lot of the recovery.

But my blood goes to children, so you know. Not gonna stop, even if I can't arrange the timing to my liking.

I'm trying to decide what to work on. What's coming up that I need sewing for? I can probably get away with whatever's in my closet for Hallowe'en. I need to make a dress for the ball at the end of September (but basic dress takes me like 2 days, plus I don't know what I want yet).

Sparkler needs your support!

Aug. 19th, 2017 11:08 am
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It's time for Sparkler's annual kickstarter to fund their next year of comics. They have 3 days left, and they're only a little more than halfway there. They're doing great work, and they need help.
Most of our content is free to read and stream, but a paid magazine membership lets you read ahead of the free serialization, download the content, and support the creators.

Sparkler Monthly is a multimedia, digital shojo/josei magazine of original English-language fiction. Our carefully selected creators are paid advances for their work and go through a thorough editorial process. After a book or audio story is serialized in the magazine, it’s bundled with bonus material and sold as ebooks, limited paperbacks, and/or CDs in the Sparkler Shop (similar to the magazine –> tankoubon system in Japan). In addition, our paperbacks and products can be found at a number of retailers; see our Retail & Libraries page on where to buy, and how to acquire books for your business or library.

The primary audience for Sparkler Monthly is girls and women aged 15 and up, or anyone interested in the rough ballpark of Female Gaze. Our four founders and most of our staff identify as female and are committed to promoting inclusive, fem-positive, and ridiculously fun content. We welcome creators of any gender and are particularly interested in entertaining, engrossing stories that tap into the variety and diversity of fandom.

This is a link to their Kickstarter campaign. The FAQ gives great advice if the options are overwhelming.

I love their content, from scripted audio dramas to comics to light novels. I love getting paperback copies of things I've tried online, so that I can more easily share them with other people.

If you've thought about supporting Sparkler or trying it out, now is the best [and, potentially only] time to do so.
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Hopefully last of the really LONG prompts! Also possibly the last structured prompts - there's too many of the rest of the list that don't really apply, I'd be better off funneling the energy into actual words for this.

16) Magic )

Nagori Worldbuilding
Terre Prime Worldbuilding
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[Originally posted on tumblr over here]

Okay. NOW I am ready to have that low-effort characterization discussion.

If anyone (plural!) is interested, just leave a reply and let me know if you have some time soon or not for a couple of weeks.


As a bunch of you know, I have a very large FFVII WIP that includes a sizable character arc for Vincent (told in 1st person POV). The WIP also includes other character/plot arcs.

There are a bunch of things itching my brain regarding how I want to handle and interpret certain aspects of Vincent’s canonical presentation, specifically:

Read more... )
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Between North Korea and Charlottesville and everything else happening, it's hard not to feel like everything is burning down. But until the world actually ends, it's better to proceed as if it will keep on turning, so have some linkspam.

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I'm totally cherry picking the applicable prompts at this point and ignoring the rest. Because yeah - flora and fauna sort of got mostly covered under food, and make no real sense to try to detail when you're talking about one race on spaceships and one race spread over multiple planets with different native whatevers. And I drew a blank at traditions (not as in there aren't any, but as in detailing them felt too static to my brain, so you don't get a write up there.)

11) Language )

14) Food )

15) Technology )

Next up - Magic as seen from these two races in particular and by the Galatics in general (as opposed to the rather messed up Terren take on it), and then I feel like I *might* have enough groundwork laid to start writing.

Also.... I need an icon for this 'verse, dammit. hrm. *goes to browse pics* Icon has! (no, that's not cybertron. or the death star. it's a mandala-esque fractal over a space scene, but the tiny version loses a lot of detail.) Title... not so much. 'Bugs and Bears in Space' is not really going to work, not even as a working title. XD

Nagori Worldbuilding
Terre Prime Worldbuilding
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Just removed access/subscriptions from a couple of people I haven't talked to in ages and who didn't subscribe back. Then I looked at my list and felt some despair, because I want to sort out more of that stuff and tidy up my userinfo, and it looks like effort.

Effort is hard.

So if I mistakenly removed you and you do drop by here, or you just like following what I'm up to, or I never gave you access when I said I would, or whatever, let me know.

The mythical wishlist

Aug. 16th, 2017 11:15 am
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Aka, things I wish exist, that I can't find anywhere.

* Standing drafting tables (like the old beat up ones the art institute of seattle had, dammit)
* Standing drafting table where half of the surface is covered in some sort of grippy rubber, like shelf liner, so my pens and stuff stop MOVING (GLASS topped drafting tables? what crack are you people ON?)
* iPad stand that holds it at a good DRAWING angle, not mimicking the angle of a laptop for screen viewage. Like, 10-25degrees, not 45.
* Still looking for an Apple Pencil holder that will attach it to my iPad securely while traveling, but will also work with having a cover on the iPad. And a pencil grip on the damned pencil. =P
* A damned all-in-one social media dashboard for reading the feeds from my social media. I don't care about metrics, I don't care about how popular my posts are, I just want to be able to read my friends list feeds from instagram/twitter/facebook/pinterest all in one damned place.

There's tons of other things, but those are the ones peeving me right now. =P


Aug. 16th, 2017 09:32 am
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Gave myself a phenomenal case of food poisoning yesterday - pro tip, if you cut into a new avocado and it looks like it has black oxidization already in it, DO NOT EAT IT. Not even the perfectly good looking green bits. It's a sign of internal rot in the avocado, and will give you food poisoning. =P So yeah, that was fun, and yesterday I managed two pieces of bread with a little bit of peanut butter, and a can of ginger ale, and that was it after violently throwing up everything from about noon the day before. >_< Mostly just passed out and slept a lot (like, I'd think "oh, I should get up and get something to drink", and I'd throw off the covers, and then fall asleep again before I could actually finish getting up).

In other random news, there is no better way to piss me off and make me not use your product than by trying to force that product on me. =___=

Case study - company #1 (fieldbook database), which advertised customization, failed to produce said customization, failed to provide any simple way of deleting an account with them, and has now gone 5+ days of very slow response emails with me wherein I asked politely to delete the account as I won't be using it, they (waited 2 days) asked why, I said because the site doesn't do what I want it to, they (waited another 2 days) and asked what I was looking for, and I have rather sharply told them it doesn't matter and delete the account please. It's been 3 days and I have no reply and no confirmation that the account has been deleted.

Company #2 (scruddle social dashboard) - advertised a lot more features than they actually deliver, has no easy account deactivation on their site, AND pushed my account into billable premium immediately, when I had specifically clicked on the free account button. Something which I would never have found out until they were asking me for payment info in a month if I hadn't gone looking all over the account tab in order to delete the damned account. And now I've had to write them a letter, and the letter is polite but damned right I mentioned that underhanded premium bullshit as part of why I won't be using them.

UGH. Stupid ass marketing monkeys. Look, let me try your shit out because nobody likes to buy before trying, see if it does what I want, and then DO NOT fucking make me complain my way up your chain of command in order to delete my account info from your fucking database when it turns out you don't do anything I want. I'd be a lot more likely to recommend places for what they DO instead of spreading their names far and wide as underhanded slimy dipshits if they'd just make setting up a trial account and then deleting it a painless person-interaction-free process.

Inspired and stuff

Aug. 14th, 2017 10:55 pm
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Animethon was this past weekend. I barely dressed up, being stuck minding Nicole's booth in the dealers hall on Saturday, and then judging the craftsmanship on Sunday (that's when i dressed up lol), but people watching and seeing all the great costumes on Sunday was really inspiring. I was so pleased by the amount of young teens and kids dressing up, and i always enjoy seeing people's creations of things they love. I have a lot of OPINIONS about cosplay turning into basically a modelling industry, but that's neither here nor there. It made me want to create stuff.

I added some "yes soon" costumes to my fb folder. Im a little embarrassed to admit i put the first one in there 3 years ago and haven't finished it yet. Its just too small, and i even put tje sleeves in by hand! All it really needs is a hem and then i can sell it. And tbh, i have a couple more costumes like that so... I should get on that. Esp realizing that i "treat" myself a liiiittlw too much D:

In that vein, last week i was trawling blogs (as i do) and i tjink i decided what to do with at least one of my unplanned purchases from LA. Im reasonably confident i can get a round gown out of tje dark green. I'm tempted to try a turque robe out of the dark blue, if i plan very carefully. Right now im poking my brain at how the robe could sit close at the back when it has no front? Im sure it'll come to me eventually. Theres a fashion plate that shows this colourway and it would be so great if i can pull it off (gah i dont feel talented enough to do it, but i put it in writing now, SO)

huh, so this is being an adult...

Aug. 14th, 2017 09:14 am
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It is slowly sinking in that by this time next month I will be in a Real House, which is All Ours, and we can do ANYTHING we want with it.

Like, I'll have my own office, which is not just somewhere to put all of my worldly belongings, but an entirely separate room that is an office, for working on things, and I can do anything I want to. I'm not restricted to sedate tiny nail holes and pushpins to hang posters. Anything at all, sky in the limit, and I'm encouraging my dragon to think of her office the same way. We can have customized to us spaces. There is no "this is sufficient, this is good enough to work on", there is our space, our house, and if we want to paint the interior Stormwind blue and gold, we can.

I need to live there for awhile. I need to see how the light falls in my office, whether it's morning or evening, what it looks like. And then... I'm pondering bamboo wainscotting, a small corner computer desk, a larger table for doing art on, the papasan chair because it's mine, me and the cats are the only ones who use it, and it needs to go somewhere. bamboo stalk&leaf raised plaster above the actual bamboo slat wainscotting, painted in blues and greens along one accent wall, and moroccan patterns in purple and warm colors on the rest. hanging my moroccan tea light lanterns from the ceiling, along with custom dyed scarves. The papasan might eventually be replaced with a loom stand and my spinning wheel (it's the smallest of the bedrooms that I'm claiming for office space).

Basically a bohemian adult pillow fort, with my computer and art supplies. And I can totally do it, and not even worry about whether it can be restored to the original "bland marketable white" look. *wiggles* Ok, all the adulting might totally be worth it.

(no subject)

Aug. 14th, 2017 08:45 am
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Birthday was steak for lunch, and icecream for dessert, and lots of playing on the computer. Also the hilarity of both me and my mom failing to do the math - our respective wives, who are more math inclined than we are, had to do the math for us and assure us that yes, I am one year away from being halfway through my forties. XD The math fail is genetic, obviously.

The stupid scraped knee continues to heal and look gruesome while doing so - it's now healing faster than I'm actually generating new skin, which is making the scab peel back from the edges and yank hard on all that brand new skin, and it's generally ow and can stop leaking sticky clear crap any day now. The ankle that I DID NOT sprain, dammit, can also stop being just ever so slightly swollen (enough that it hits my shoes weird) and full of random twinges of ow. Stupid body.

Cleared out the garage with the boss neighbor's help (and his truck) and took all of that over to the new place. More packing this week, but it sounds like his fuel injectors on his truck are going rapidly downhill and the agreed on idea of another load on wednesday might not happen if his truck won't start. =P oh well, it all needs packing anyways, whether we do it in a U-Haul truck or in his pickup.

Mostly I'm pondering what I can wear for the rest of the week to work - I have a profusion of jeans, but I need, like, loose lightweight pants, or shorts, or even skirts, and I don't have many of those. I just can't even contemplate having denim rubbing on this knee right now. =P


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