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Updated, 9/20/2010: Story claiming is now closed.


It's finally here, the moment you've all been waiting for: story selection!!

Authors: Thanks to all of you who got your summaries in on time! Summary submission is now officially closed; however, the form will remain available for late submissions. We will add late submissions to the bottom of the post throughout the week, but bear in mind that later additions are less likely to be claimed. We will close the form to further submissions on Friday.

Artists: Have at it! Summaries are listed by canon (all single-canon stories first, followed by all crossovers), and then alphabetical by author. Please comment to this post with the story you would like to claim. Claims via email or PM will not be accepted; you must leave a comment. Once every artist has had the opportunity to claim at least one story, you may claim a second story if you like. Claiming more than one story is a great thing to do if it won't overcommit you, but it is entirely optional. We will edit the post and make an announcement to the community once the second round of claiming is open. Each story may be claimed by only one artist. If you're the first person to claim a story, it is yours. We will email you with the contact information of your artist before the end of the week. Story selection will remain open until new closing time! Sunday, September 19th at midnight (Click here for the time in your location). However, we would appreciate everyone claiming as soon as possible so that we can open up the second round of claiming.

If you are an artist who hasn't previously signed up for Mega Flare, but you see a story that you want to illustrate, never fear! Artist sign-ups have been extended to Sunday as well. Here is the form to sign up.

All right, enough housekeeping. Here are the summaries! Please be aware that some of these summaries contain spoilers for their respective games, including FFXIII, so proceed with caution. And have fun!

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest:
Benjamin and Tristam return from the long sea voyage that begins at the end of FFMQ. Years have passed, and Benjamin, after separating from Tristam, is eager to get back to the people who once shared his adventures, but the world is not quite as he remembers it. A prolonged peace has transformed everything. The towns are no longer isolated from each other, and their cultures are mingling together. Benjamin feels out of place, but he discovers that it is no different for Kaeli, Reuben, and Phoebe, for they, too, feel like they no longer belong. (The same becomes true for Tristam, too.) The Crystal of Light, disguised again as the old man, then comes to all of them to give them a new mission that proves to be the beginning of something bigger than all of them could have imagined. [Benjamin / Kaeli and Benjamin / Phoebe.]

Shortly after being brought to Midgar Tifa jumps in to protect a man she sees being attacked by a slum gang, unaware that the man in question is Rude of the Turks. He's impressed enough with how well she was able to fight even with the barely-healed wound on her torso to convince Tseng to give her a shot at the Turk recruitment test.

She ends up going through with it and joining up, seeing it as an opportunity to find a way to bring Shinra Inc. down from the inside, but it doesn't take long before she starts to realize that she actually likes her new colleagues and that it's much easier to loath an entire corporation when she never needs to see the human side of it up close and personal.

Tifa/Rude, possibly Cloud/Yuffie

Set right after the events of the game. Ashe is preparing to become queen, but there are many treacherous political waters to navigate first: proving her fitness to sit the throne, balancing independence with the threat of Empires on either side, setting the question of who will rule Nabradia. Into this situation steps a new ally: Al-Cid Margrace. Al-Cid is dealing with a political morass of his own; although many within Rozarria are relieved to have stayed out of active hostilities, there are others who had hopes to weaken Archadia and expand into new territory for the first time in fifty years -- and chief among the latter faction is the crown prince. As the master of a spy network that extends throughout Ivalice, Al-Cid is seen by many as a prime ally; instead, he makes a bold move of his own, and, while Ashe is paying a long-promised visit to Ambervale, he proposes a new, stronger alliance between them: marriage. Although Ashe would prefer not to remarry, for both political and personal reasons, she has come to trust and care for Al-Cid, and she agrees to consider his offer, while officially declining to answer until after her coronation.

And then Balthier reappears to throw all of Ashe's plans and emotions into disarray.

Al-Cid/Ashe, Ashe/Balthier; other characters with significant presence include Basch and Ondore. Mostly politics and intrigue with a strong side of romance.

In short, this story is a mild AU in which the main pairing is Hope/Serah.

The idea is that Hope and Nora went to Bodhum approximately six months earlier than they did in the game, and while they were there, they bumped into Serah. The result of this meeting is that Serah does not meet Snow and as such never goes and opens the Vestige. As a result, Fang and Vanille do not awaken from their stasis, no one becomes l'Cie, and the Purge is not undertaken -- basically, none of the events in the game ever happen.

Most of the story is a cute sort of slice-of-life thing that chronicles Hope and Serah becoming friends, visiting each other frequently, growing up, and ultimately falling in love. They go on many cute dates, including awkward dinners with Lightning whenever Serah invites Hope over, and are generally just adorable and awkward at each other.

Crossover: FFX, FFX-2, FFXII
green_animation & heaven-monument
Title: Polyphonic dissonance

Summary: AU - Members of an orchestra, a theatre troupe and a string quartet all in the same area all try to conquer their inner demons and outer while struggling with dark pasts, darker urges and trying to balance the line between distinction and obscurity. Watch as relationships bud and fail, the ambitious aim for the kill and the lure of power prove too much for the once integral moral pillars of the artistic community.

Pairings: Vaan/Penelo, Balthier/Fran, Vossler/Basch->Noah->Auron, Yuna/Tidus, Rikku/Gippal, Dona/Barthello, Rikken/Elza, Filo/Kytes, Leblanc->Nooj.

----Claimed Stories----

Final Fantasy VI:

Shaded Mazoku - Claimed!
Retired soldier Leo Christophe rents the secluded Vector Hall for a year, trying to sort himself out after leaving the army. Before long, he comes to learn that a horrible murder once happened in the house, but even after hearing the same story over and over, he can't help but feel that there is something more to what happened. As he digs deeper into the grisly story, Leo discovers a web of lies and deception, a truth worse than the story he had been told, and a plot that might claim his life as well.

And then, there are the ghosts. The ghosts who laugh maniacally in the dead of night to keep him awake, who delight in finding just the right way to bring his worst memories to the surface, and who are his best bet in unravelling a mystery that goes much deeper than just the murder.

He came to Vector Hall to find peace and quiet. Instead, he has found a mystery that threatens to destroy him as it has destroyed so many others, and the best chance he has is a ghost who only wants to see everything torn apart.

The pairing is Leo/Ghost!Kefka.

Stealth Noodle - Claimed!
In the universe next door, Terra grows up among the espers, unaware that she's half-human and believing that her parents turned to Magicite and were shattered fighting off the human invasion. When she learns the (partial) truth, she and her shiny new identity crisis break the seal on the gate and set off to find and rescue the espers who were captured.

Meanwhile, Celes has joined the Returners under slightly different circumstances, just in time for the Empire's attack on Narshe to claim the frozen esper. The rebel force lacks the strength and numbers to repel the invasion, but she has an idea to prove her loyalty and prevent the Empire from acquiring another source of magic.

Of course, neither the Empire nor the Returners know yet that the entire Esper World is now vulnerable to attack...

Re: pairings/relationships, I've left myself wiggle room in my outline (I will go where the subtext leads me), but this will probably include some at least some degree of Celes/Terra.

Final Fantasy VII

bofoddity - Claimed!
All her life, Aerith has been told to hold on to her heritage and to the White Materia, and all she's ever wanted is an explanation why. Except that isn't true; what she wants is to be just one human among others, and after she leaves Midgar behind Tifa Lockhart helps her to realize there are plenty of other things she wants too. Unfortunately for her, the Planet is going to give her an explanation anyway. Aerith/Tifa.

Nishizono - Claimed!
Rufus has a new surveillance camera installed in the Department of Administrative Research. Tseng panics over the idea that Rufus may have seen him and Elena fooling around in the break room, but Reno realizes the potential the camera has in his ongoing quest to annoy Rufus. For the next three weeks, Reno stays late every night to act out little skits for the camera. It starts with an insulting impersonation of Rufus and Tseng, but when he finds a note from Rufus in his locker the next morning that praises his performance, his acts get more and more outlandish until they turn into full-blown exhibitionism. Meanwhile, Rude is acting shifty, Elena is in a disturbingly good mood, and Tseng seems to have forgotten all about the concept of personal space.

(The list of pairings contains spoilers: Reno/Rufus, Tseng/Reno, and Tseng/Reno/Rufus.)

FFVII: Crisis Core

totchipanda - Claimed!
Set in between the Wutai War and the events of the original game, SOLDIER First Class Zack befriends an unlikely recruit, Cloud Strife, and the two form an unbreakable bond that is put to the test. Amid training sessions and missions, the boys share the finest coffee Shinra has to offer, more than a few late suppers and badly dubbed action movies. Neither expects life in the army to take them all the way to the very brink of disaster... (Originally started before Crisis Core came out...) Zack/Cloud

Final Fantasy VIII:

coldfiredragon - Claimed!
I centered my story around this question:

What if Raine Loire had never died?

If Raine Loire had never died then then Squall probably would have grown up to be a student at Galbadia Garden. He would have been long time friends with Irvine Kinneas and he would never have known the tragedy involved in being a war orphan, or the more crippling tragedy of losing his older sister Ellone.

He's a good student with strong leadership qualities but not many friends. When his mother dies shortly after he becomes a SEED he dedicates himself to his new duties as a way of dealing with his emotional pain.

The story is essentially going to follow the events of the game. Where Squall would have done things I substituted Seifer in his place. Seifer, Zell, and Selphie will be dispatched to help the Forest Owls and eventually end up in Galbadia Garden where Irvine and Squall will be assigned to fill out their group.

There will be a few twists and turns after that point. Ellone still ends up in Esthar and Squall goes after her. I don't want to give everything away. I'm writing Seifer/Rinoa as the primary romantic pairing.

Kirana - Claimed!
Title: Shift the Skin

Pairings: Seifer/Squall


There are thirteen bloodlines, sworn to protect the sorceress and the people they serve. Their origins lost in antiquity, they have been granted forms unique to each of them to help on their path.

There is forbidden magic. The reasons for why it is forbidden have been forgotten. But the sorceresses thus convicted are still imprisoned, suspended in time until death. Their prison is powered by their own magic and the very land and the thirteen bloodlines are the locks.

But the bloodlines are dying out and the locks are breaking. And one of the sorceresses is just biding her time, waiting to take her revenge on a world already torn by a third Sorceress War.

Regann - Claimed!
In a world where the Gardens were never founded, the fated children went on to live different lives. But Galbadia is still in the hands of a cruel dictator, Ultimecia still hopes to achieve Time Compression, and Rinoa still wants to free Timber. At the same moment in time where they met before, the orphanage gang are on different paths to the same destination -- more or less. Seifer and Squall are young cadets in the Galbadian army, while Quistis carves out a living as the assistant of a doctor studying the eccentric science of paramagic. Selphie joins Rinoa in the Timber Owls and drags Zell along for the ride. Someone is still destined to be a knight and someone is still destined to stop him, but it's probably not who you think.

[Gen with some Quistis/Seifer, AU of the game events on Disc One.]

Sev and Ira -- Claimed!
Rinoa's gone public as a Sorceress and is campaigning for Timber's independence, Laguna's steering Esthar's re-emergence, Galbadia won't give up, Squall's dealing with the political fallout as Garden Commander -- and in case no one has enough on their plates, something's wrong with the Sorceress-Knight Bond. When terrorists attack Timber in the middle of Squall and Rinoa's argument over where the new Garden should go -- Timber or Esthar? -- they decide to take a break, hoping that if they can sort out the politics in their separate spheres, they can come back and sort through the quietly desperate mess of their private lives and repair their Bond...

In Esthar, it turns out Laguna actually knows how to do his job, and, to Ellone's delight, Squall stumbles into something almost comfortable with him until he's forced to deal with the reality of their relationship. In Timber, Quistis defends Rinoa against the physical dangers of Timber's fight for independence, but no one can protect Rinoa from anti-Sorceress sentiment -- especially not when she starts losing control of her magic.

Sorceresses still make the world nervous and Galbadia won't let Timber go; Esthar needs to come out of hiding and Garden needs to decide its place in the world. Four lives are unraveling -- but maybe, between them, they can find the answers...

Rinoa/Squall, Laguna/Squall, Quistis/Rinoa, Quistis/Squall. Likely rating: R. Likely length: ridiculously long. (We're not kidding)

Please see our Dear Artist! http://seventhe.dreamwidth.org/30888.html

Susan/Spindizzy - Claimed!
Deling soldiers are turning up brain dead. Esthar scientists are being shot at. SeeD candidates are being kidnapped. Seifer and Zell punch each other in the face. (Also features: Lunar Cry monsters, Quistis being badass, Irvine and Selphie saving one of the days or dying trying, Rinoa practicising with her sorceress powers, Squall getting a headache from facepalming, Laguna and make-outs!)

[Primarily Seifer/Zell, possibly only implied/unrequited depending on how much the plot takes over. Is kinda an ensemble fic, so will feature all of the main cast of the game to varying degrees.]

Traxits - Claimed!
Ellone, unable to stand living in Esthar, moves to Winhill, where her parents' home has been kept in trust for her, and purchases Raine's pub. She begins working on repairing her parents' home, and after three miserable days of realizing that she has no idea what she's doing, she tries to hire the two Garden drop-outs who protect Winhill to help her. Seifer, a fugitive since the Sorceress's fall, catches the two boys price gouging her, and he immediately sends both of them running. He, Fujin, and Raijin all move in with Ellone (between the two places, she has the room to spare) and help her remodel the house. Months after they have all settled into a routine of daily life, soldiers finally come for Seifer, much to Ellone's horror. Fujin, Raijin, and Ellone have to help Seifer make some serious life decisions in the face of one of the most publicized trials in the history of Galbadia.

To be perfectly honest, I'm still ironing out a lot of the ending. This fic centers around a romantic Seifer/Ellone pairing, with lots of Raijin and Fujin interaction. Rating may fall anywhere between teen and mature by the time it's all over.

Final Fantasy IX:

H - Claimed!
In the years since the war, Burmecia and Alexandria are still at odds with each other. Burmecia has been slow to recover from the ravages of Brahne's war, and Alexandria's nobles have an eye on its cache of leftover Mist, a valuable (if illegal) energy commodity. To make things even worse, Lord Puck of Burmecia has gone missing again—more so than usual for Puck, that is. Fearing the beginning of an insurrection, Beatrix seeks out Zidane's unique brand of help, convincing him to go undercover into the dark underbelly of the nobility. Thus, Zidane arrives in Treno dressed as a red mage and ready to spy in style as 'Paul ul Falgabard', the overconfident idiot son of a conveniently obscure noble family. Meanwhile, Garnet hasn't let the suspicious behavior of her court and her friends go unnoticed, and decides to take the matter into her own hands. Perhaps together they can unravel the dirty conspiracy behind the raids on Burmecia's borders and Puck's disappearance before yet another war grips the Mist Continent. And maybe Zidane can get around to that proposal he's been working on for four years or so, too.

Miss Maggie - Claimed!
Just because there's a happily ever after doesn't mean that things are sunshine and roses. A peek at after the game proper, when the romanticism of saving the world fades away and all that's left are people trying to make a relationship work while rebuilding their lives.

Seems simple, right? Unfortunately for Zidane and Garnet, things are never quiet so easy. Amidst all the hard work they've put in trying to earn their own happy ending, there are still lots of challenges in their way from insufferable nobles to even greater woes when close friends wind up getting kidnapped because of a political statement gone awry. Join our heroes (and heroines) as they take up arms again, this time not to save the world, but instead to change it.

Final Fantasy X

TeaRoses - Claimed!
The story is post-FFX, alternate universe (no FFX-2).

Rikku is traveling after the war and ends up in a small airship with a Ronso couple who has a baby. The airship crashes and the Ronso couple is killed. Before she dies, the Ronso mother hands the baby over to Rikku and asks her to care for it. Rikku heads for Mt. Gagazet. She is nervous about seeing Kimahri again, because she still has a confused and guilty feeling that she was attracted to him during their journey.

When Rikku arrives at Mt. Gagazet, some of the Ronso are not accepting of her, partly because they blame machina for the crash. However Kimahri believes she should keep the baby as the baby is very attached to her.

Rikku tries to fit in on Mt. Gagazet as her attraction to Kimahri grows and she realizes that she considers herself the baby’s mother.

(I realize this story is Ronso/Al Bhed romance and that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea to say the least. However, needless to say, a picture can be of any part of the story of course, not just a romantic Kimahri/Rikku picture.)

Final Fantasy XII:

Bri - Claimed!
When the garif arrive in the Wood, Fran learns certain facts about her society that she never wanted to know. Quickly, she learns how dangerous knowledge can be as her life unravels before her eyes. Everywhere she turns, she sees not but corruption and malice. Betrayal is the final straw, but leaving the Wood is no easy task, especially when your sister is Elder.

This piece focuses on Fran, with supporting characters being Mjrn, Alja, Nera, Supinelu, Kadulu, and some treants. The major antagonists are the Wood and Jote.

(Everything is mostly benign, but there are some disturbing themes, such as mind control, and a scene with torture in it.)

Final Fantasy XIII

Imadra Blue - Claimed!
(Warning for FF13 spoilers.) The last thing that Cid Raines remembers is turning to crystal after the Pulse l'Cie defeated him. But he awakens on Pulse and is soon confronted by a woman he thought dead: Jihl Nabaat. His l'Cie brand has changed, and Jihl displays l'Cie magic now. The mystery soon deepens when he discovers Hope Estheim, grown to a man of nineteen years, in the Fault Warrens. After escaping Jihl, Cid soon learns that Hope harbors a secret that explains his return and shares the same l'Cie brand. When he faces the disturbing truth of his fate, Cid's Eidolon appears to save him despair, which leaves him determined to discover the meaning of his new Focus. Hope leads Cid to their new fal'Cie master, Asura, and the two soon grow intimate. When they reach the Feymarch Gates, they encounter Jihl again, and the three enter the Gates to understand their own fate. Post-game. Rated NC-17. Features Cid/Hope slash. Two new Eidolons introduced. References FF4, FF6, and FF8 through fal'Cie and Eidolons.


FFVI, FFVII, Dissidia
Wounded Melody - Claimed!
Set after the events of Dissidia and after the storylines of Final Fantasy 6 and Final Fantasy 7 (also after Advent Children). Pairings are Terra/Cloud and Tifa/Sabin. During Dissidia, Cloud and Terra became close and shared an intimate moment before the defeat of Chaos. He unknowingly infects Terra with Jenova cells. After Dissidia, all are sent back to their own worlds without conscious memories of what happened, but Cloud and Terra still have dreams about all that happened. In the Lifestream, Sephiroth is still resisting to merge and is frantically searching for a way back. He senses Jenova cells in a far away place in a body with a weakened will (Terra faces some issues after the end of FF6). Sephiroth gathers all of his strength and sends himself towards the cells, ripping free from the Lifestream and across time and space to infuse himself into Terra's body. This breach causes the worlds of FF6 & 7 to destabilize and merge together as one world, with an overlap of people and places from each world. Cosmos senses this disruption and ends up in contact with Aeris, and they bought try to figure out what to do. Cloud and Terra are reunited and their memories of Dissidia come back to them. Tifa is saddened by this but also wants Cloud to be happy; Sabin notices this and goes to her, and a relationship begins to form. The main characters from 6 & 7 meet and try to figure out what happened and what to do, as there is panic among the people of both worlds. Also, magic is reintroduced into this merged world via materia, and Terra (through Sephiroth's manipulation) is able to gain back her Esper form and powers. Sephiroth eventually is able to take full control of Terra and this is revealed as he goes about trying to (either rule over or destroy the world, not sure what direction I'm going for yet). The main cast goes to stop him, trying to find a way to do so without killing Terra, and Cosmos and Aeris come to aid them.

FFVII, FFX/X-2, Kingdom Hearts
Nagia - Claimed!
"Gifts and Treasures"

Pairings and genre: Vincent/Yuffie, Leon/Aerith; humor

Short summary: A sequel to "Burnt Offerings," providing an answer to why the Gullwings worked with Maleficent, what Auron remembers, and just how many brands of conditioner Leon uses. Also, Hades crashes a party,

Long summary:

Who are you, really, if you're a reincarnation? Yuffie's not sure, and Leviathan's not telling. Vincent's no help at all, either, since he's still trying to find the words for, "When I say I knew you in another life, I mean that literally. Also, Maleficent used to leave me chained up in her castle courtyard and taunt me until I fursploded. You would have been about nine."

For that matter, why was Lulu sleeping for ten years in an enchanted dollhouse, and why does Maleficent want this "Dewprism" thing back?

The actual plotline will center around reuniting Lulu and the Gullwings, Hade's irritation at Vincent and Auron's escape from the Underworld, and Maleficent's roaring rampage of revenge when she realizes that her castle has been plundered. Expect the FF ladies to kick some serious ass.

Dagas Isa - Claimed!
Female-centric, light-hearted, adventure-type gen. After toxins have been found in the water supply in Rabanastre, Penelo has been sent to the island colony of Spira by Queen Ashe in order to recruit the help of Al Bhed alchemy prodigy Rikku. Rikku accepts, but demands that Penelo stay on in Spira to act as her servant in the meantime. As it turns out, the problem in Rabanastre is connected to one of Spira's long standing problems—one that Rikku has been working secretly to solve. Contains: Girls being awesome, plot-justified sewer crawls, self-plotted kidnappings, and non-combat-centered action.

FFXII, FF Tactics: War of the Lions, possible FFXII:RW
Farli - Claimed!
As yet unnamed, mine is a crossover story, detailing some of Balthier's adventures as a godless thief ("Sky Pirate!") amongst Ramza Beovule's band of God-forsaken heretics as he searches for the Cache of Glabados - and a way to return home to his Ivalice, the Strahl and his partner Fran.

Though not yet finished, I'm hoping to also feature flashbacks to Sky Pirate adventures in Dalmasca, Archadia and Rozzaria, including several encounters with Al-Cid Margrace -- and his extended family, including the indomitable grand-matriarch of House Margrace.

Who may, or may not, be responsible for how it came to be that Fran and Balthier chased after the Cache of Glabados in the first place...

Pairings (romantic or otherwise): Balthier and Fran friendship (OTP if you squint, I suppose); Balthier/The Strahl; Beowulf/Reis; Al-Cid/Every Woman Ever (because that's just how House Margrace Rolls..), with no others planned at present.

More details and text snippets to be added later in my Dreamwidth journal ([personal profile] farli).

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Date: 2010-09-06 07:18 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] zidane
I'd be interested in taking on Traxits' FF8 story!

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Date: 2010-09-06 07:24 pm (UTC)
softestbullet: Aeryn cupping Pilot's cheek. He has his big eyes closed. (FFIX/ pick me up and turn me round)
From: [personal profile] softestbullet
I claim H's FFIX story. :)

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Date: 2010-09-06 07:34 pm (UTC)
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I'd like to illustrate Regann's FFVIII story.

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Date: 2010-09-06 09:06 pm (UTC)
suzume: This is a parody of Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind featuring Sasarai from the Suikoden series (Bashir Av Shirin)
From: [personal profile] suzume
Sheesh, so many of these sound great! It was really hard to pick! ^_^;

So, uh, in the end, I'm going with Miss Maggie's FFIX fic please.

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Date: 2010-09-07 02:51 am (UTC)
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totchipanda's fic, please ♥

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Claiming tearoses's story!

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From: [identity profile] perky-teacakes.livejournal.com
I will happily take "Gifts and Treasures" by Nagia.

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Do we have to have art to still be writing a story? I completely missed the summary due date and really am not terribly NEEDING artwork. It's nice, but there are plenty of other stories that deserve it more.

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I'd love to claim coldfiredragon's FFVIII story, please.

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Ooh, I'd like to claim Stealth Noodle's FFVI story.

(I think I already signed up as an artist, right? I can't find a list to check...)

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bell: a black and white photo of amber and thireen from house, m.d. (amber & thirteen in bw)
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I want bofoddity's FFVII fic, please. :)

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From: [personal profile] bell - Date: 2010-09-12 05:13 pm (UTC) - Expand

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I'll claim Spindizzy's FFVIII fic, please! :D

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I'd like to claim Wounded Melody's FFVII/Dissidia fic, please!

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I'd like to claim Bri's FFXII fic, please.

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I'd like to claim Nishizono's FF7 fic please.

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May I claim the FFVIII Kirana story? :>

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Date: 2010-09-11 03:00 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] justira

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Dagas Isa's story please!

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Date: 2010-09-13 04:12 am (UTC)
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Oh crap, crap crap CRAP. This part COMPLETELY slipped my mind, crap! Guh, man, I'm so sorry. If I can still submit a summary I will totally do so. Bluh! ~o~

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Date: 2010-09-14 07:51 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] kitsuneasika
In some ways, this is the exact opposite of the comment above mine. My summary is up there (and still unclaimed), and I would like to ask you to remove it. My teachers decided it would be fun to assign me tons of essays, and now I don't know whether or not I'll be able to complete it. Just in case I will not be able, I don't want any artist to be disappointed. Would that be alright?

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Date: 2010-09-17 01:42 am (UTC)
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I'm gonna push my limits here and do Sev and Ira's FF8 fic, I believe. <3 I look forward to working with you, hope I can satisfy~! ;D XD;

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Date: 2010-09-17 03:25 am (UTC)
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I would like to claim Imadra Blue's FFXIII fic, please! ♥

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Date: 2010-09-17 10:06 pm (UTC)
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I'd be happy to claim Shaded Mazoku's FFVI story as well.