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Hi everyone,

Don't forget that the posting deadline is coming up! We extended our deadline to this upcoming Sunday, November 21st (click here for local time and date.)

We are up to six stories now, which is great! Two new stories went up today; they are:

Same As It Never Was by [personal profile] justira and [personal profile] seventhe, an epic FFVIII fic.

Reconcilable Differences, an FFXII post-game story by [personal profile] owlmoose.

Come take a look! We are almost to the finish line.
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Two new stories are up! Check them out! They are:

We All Gotta Grow by Rebbe, a FFXIII story featuring Hope/Serah.

A Sense of Commitment written by [profile] pixelnyx and featuring artwork by [livejournal.com profile] manic_intent, a FFXII backstory AU.

Also, I have been in communication with the folks at AO3, and they have assured me that the site is working better now -- although there still may be some slowness, they have made some fixes that should cut down on the server errors. So if you've been waiting on better site performance to upload your creations, now might be a good time to give it a whirl! Let us know how it goes.

Don't forget, we have extended the deadline by one week, to Sunday, November 21st.
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Hey, folks!

As some of you may know, Yuletide sign-ups have opened. They will be open until November 19th and for the first few days the archive may be slow or unavailable. The awesome AO3 folks are working on the issue; if the archive is not loading after one or two tries, we suggest just trying again later, as this will put less strain on the server than refreshing.

We are really sorry about this; we tried to plan our posting dates to skirt between historical Yuletide sign ups (since we imagined many would be finishing right up until the final deadline, hands, hands?) and the needs of NaNoWriMo participants, but unfortunately, the timing didn't work out this year. For those who haven't been able to post yet, we're going to extend the deadline to November 21st. We appreciate your patience.

Meanwhile, we hope participants also playing in NaNoWriMo are doing well, and good luck to you as well as anyone who is signing up to write for Yuletide! :D

If anything else changes, we will let you know. Thank you!
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Just wanted to let you all know that AO3 is back up and running and ready for us to resume posting, with two more days to go in the official posting period!

Also, the second story has been posted: Born to Better Fates, a FFVIII AU written by [personal profile] regann and illustrated by [personal profile] cumuluscastle! Hooray!

We will promote new stories as they come in, so keep 'em coming...
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Hey folks,

Just a heads-up for anyone who planned to post today that Archive of our Own is down for maintenance for much of today, but it is projected to be back online in 12 hours. For more details, see this post on the official OTW blog.

If anything further comes up, we will let you know. Thanks!

--Update, 5pm Thursday, Pacific Time--

AO3 is still down for maintenance. If the update proceeds according to the announced schedule, it will come back around midnight, Eastern Standard Time. Please note, however, that signups for Yuletide will begin shortly after that, which will bring heavy traffic to the site and may affect site performance. If you see issues with connections or slowness, please be patient! Your story will upload eventually, we promise.
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Hey everyone,

Just a reminder that the official Mega Flare deadline is coming up! This Sunday, November 14th is the end of the posting period (click here for the time and date in your area).

Also, the first story is up: Alchemy off the Coast of Ivalice, an FFX/FFXII crossover. Congratulations to [personal profile] dagas_isa for the first public contribution to the collection! May it be the first of many...
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Hey everyone!

Posting for Mega Flare 2010 is now officially open!

As a reminder, here is a link to the posting tutorial.

And now, the less-good news: we have hit a snag with our image hosting uploader, and it could be awhile before it's ready to use. Artists, if you were counting on using our hosting service, please email the mods immediately. If we don't hear from anyone by 11PM on Monday, Pacific Time (click here for the local time in your area), we will assume that everyone has their hosting covered. But if you do need the service, don't hesitate to contact us! We want to make sure no one gets stuck without image hosting.

Not done yet? No worries, you are in good company. (Including, as of this writing, me!) Over two weeks remain in the official posting period, so you have plenty of time.
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Hey everyone,

Just a reminder that posting officially opens in one week, on Friday October 29th!

The AO3 collection is already available, although anything posted there will remain hidden until the reveal on Friday. Whenever you are ready, feel free to post your story here:


Here's a quick tutorial on how to add your story to a collection on AO3!

The official posting period closes on Sunday, November 14th.

Anticipating a couple of questions...

1. What about posting artwork?

You should embed the artwork in the story using the tag. However, AO3 does not currently offer image hosting, so you will need to host your art elsewhere. You are welcome to host anywhere you wish, including on the Mega Flare site. We're still putting the final touches on the uploading service; look for a link soon, hopefully early next week.

2. Oh no, I'm not going to finish by the end of the posting period!

That is okay! You are welcome to post your story and/or artwork late, no need to ask for an extension. And if you submit late, you won't be barred from participating in the future. At this time, we don't plan to close the collection to new submissions, so you can post it whenever you do finish. Of course, we encourage everyone to meet the deadline if possible: one of the points of this challenge is to bring everyone together around a common goal of creating a long story in a short time frame. But if you can't make it, no worries.

However, if you are an author working with an artist, or an artist creating artwork for a story, and you don't think you're going to make the deadline, you are responsible for communicating with your collaborator as soon as possible to work out a time frame.

Any other questions? Let us know. We are in the home stretch! Best of luck to everyone! :D
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Hey artists! Have all of you who selected a story to illustrate gotten rough drafts from your authors, or otherwise made arrangements? The deadline was a week ago today.

If you selected a story, and your author hasn't gotten in contact with you, please let the mods know IMMEDIATELY. You can either send us email or leave a comment on this post. Comments will be screened. If we don't hear from you, we will assume that everything is A-OK.

Thank you!! Feel free to contact us with any other questions as well. The AO3 community will be up and running soon -- watch this space for an announcement!
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Hey, authors! The time is approaching! Don't forget that the rough draft deadline is coming on Friday, October 1st!*

Okay, now that you're all hyperventilating in a corner, don't panic! :) This doesn't mean that your story must be polished or even fully-drafted by Friday. All you need is a) something meaty for your artist to work with and b) enough progress that you can be reasonably certain that you'll be done by the posting deadline of November 14th, which is still a month and a half away.

You are responsible for sending your story to your artist. Do not send your story to the mods. It's a good idea to connect with your artist first and find out what file format they want -- MS Word? RTF? Google Docs? Whatever works best for them, and for you.

Hey, artists! If you selected a story to illustrate, and don't have anything from your author by midnight, Saturday October 2nd, Pacific Time (click here for the time and date in your area), send an email to the mods right away!

*One last note: The rough draft deadline is for stories that were claimed by artists only. If your story wasn't claimed, if you opted not to try for art, or if you signed up as a writer/artist team, the only deadline you need to be concerned about is the AO3 posting deadline, which again is November 14th. So no worries! You have plenty of time.
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For real, this time. Artist sign-ups for Mega Flare, and the opportunity to claim one or more stories, will close at midnight tonight!!! (Click here for the time in your location.)

Claims post is here; unclaimed stories are at the top of the list.

As of this writing, we are up-to-date on sending emails to authors and artists. If you have claimed a story, or your story has been claimed, and you haven't received an email, please notify the mods ASAP.
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Any artist interested in claiming a second story is now welcome to do so! Please note that taking a second claim is entirely optional; you are by no means obligated to claim more than one story. But if you're up for it, we're more than happy to have you! :)

Of course, if you haven't made your first round claim (we are still waiting to hear from five four artists!), or if you haven't signed up but want to participate, you still have until the Sunday deadline to do that as well.

Either way, you can find the story claims and a link to the sign-up form here. We still have two one FFXIII story available, as well as one story each in the following fandoms: FF Mystic Quest, FFVI, FFVII, FFVIII, and FFXII, plus one FFX/FFX-2/FFXII crossover.

If you have already claimed a story, and/or if your story has been claimed, you should have received an email from the mods at the start of this week. If you did not receive this email, please contact the mods ASAP to confirm that we have your correct email address.

Happy creating! We hope all your projects are going well.
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Hey everyone,

Your mods have discussed the issue, and we've decided that only a week for story claiming is not enough time, especially if we want to recruit in our canons with less representation. To that end, we have extended the story claiming period by one week, to Sunday, September 19th. (Click here for your local date and time!) Since rough drafts are not due until October 1st, this should still give artists who sign up later plenty of time to connect with their authors in advance.

Claiming post is here! And the sign-up form for new artists is here!

Of course, we don't want to forget everyone who got their claims in on time, because we love you all! Therefore, we will start sending emails with contact information sometime tomorrow. We hope you are all excited about getting started on your projects!

Thank you for your patience with the ever-shifting deadlines! As always, let us know if you have any questions, or suggestions of good places to advertise.
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UPDATE: We have extended the story claiming period, as well as artist sign-ups, to Sunday, September 19th!

Hey artists! There are still 13 stories available in the claiming post! Remember, you only have until Sunday, September 19th (click here for local time and date) to pick your story.

Also, since we only have five artists who haven't claimed but 13 stories still available, new artists are more than welcome to sign up. We especially need artists who are interested in working in the later canons: FFX, FFXII, and FFXIII. As of this writing, we also have one story each available in FF Mystic Quest, FFVI, FFVII (OGC), and FFVIII. Please, if you are active in these fandoms, consider either signing up as an artist, or promoting the project to your friends. Although we can't promise that everyone who submitted a story summary will get artwork, wouldn't it be great if they did?

Because we're still waiting on a few artists to make their first choice, the second round of claiming is not yet open; look for that announcement sometime tomorrow.
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Updated, 9/20/2010: Story claiming is now closed.


It's finally here, the moment you've all been waiting for: story selection!!

Authors: Thanks to all of you who got your summaries in on time! Summary submission is now officially closed; however, the form will remain available for late submissions. We will add late submissions to the bottom of the post throughout the week, but bear in mind that later additions are less likely to be claimed. We will close the form to further submissions on Friday.

Artists: Have at it! Summaries are listed by canon (all single-canon stories first, followed by all crossovers), and then alphabetical by author. Please comment to this post with the story you would like to claim. Claims via email or PM will not be accepted; you must leave a comment. Once every artist has had the opportunity to claim at least one story, you may claim a second story if you like. Claiming more than one story is a great thing to do if it won't overcommit you, but it is entirely optional. We will edit the post and make an announcement to the community once the second round of claiming is open. Each story may be claimed by only one artist. If you're the first person to claim a story, it is yours. We will email you with the contact information of your artist before the end of the week. Story selection will remain open until new closing time! Sunday, September 19th at midnight (Click here for the time in your location). However, we would appreciate everyone claiming as soon as possible so that we can open up the second round of claiming.

If you are an artist who hasn't previously signed up for Mega Flare, but you see a story that you want to illustrate, never fear! Artist sign-ups have been extended to Sunday as well. Here is the form to sign up.

All right, enough housekeeping. Here are the summaries! Please be aware that some of these summaries contain spoilers for their respective games, including FFXIII, so proceed with caution. And have fun!

1 FFMQ, 2 FFVI, 4 FFVII, 8 FFVIII, 2 FFIX, 2 FFX, 3 FFXII, 2 FFXIII, and 5 Crossovers! )
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Hey authors! Summaries are due in a little less than 5 hours! As of this writing, we only have about half the expected summaries in. If we do not hear from you, your summary will not go up on the list tomorrow morning, and you may not be eligible for artwork. (Realistically speaking, we'll probably be compiling the post sometime around 10am on Monday, so let's call that an unofficial extension to 17:00:00 UTC. But if you can get in your summary by the original deadline of midnight Pacific, we will love you forever.)

Summary submission form is here!

Since several people have asked: if you can't remember what name you used to sign up, no worries; just use your AO3 account as your name. That's easy enough for us to cross-check.
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Reminder for all authors participating in Mega Flare: your summaries are due tomorrow, Sunday September 5th. (Time and date in your location.) If you would like to be eligible for artwork, you need to submit a summary by this time. The summary should be somewhere around 75-200 words The form for submitting your summary is here.

A few people have asked about this, so I wanted to extend the invitation to everyone: if you want to share more information about your story with a potential artist than can fit within 200 words, you are welcome to link to a "Dear Artist" letter in your journal or elsewhere. Just include the link with the summary. This is by no means required, but if you want the option, you are welcome to take it! You should still submit a summary, however.

Finally, come share a piece of your work in progress over at [community profile] boss_battle! We're planning to do a "snippet sharing" post every week for the rest of the month, and the first of these is up. Check it out!
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Hey everyone! Deadlines are coming upon us, so it's time for some news and some reminders.


We currently have 17 artists participating in Mega Flare who didn't sign up as part of a team. This is awesome! However, we have over 50 authors signed up. Which is also awesome, but it's not a very good balance. Therefore, we will be extending artist sign-ups for a little over a week, to Sunday, September 12th at midnight (click here to see the local time in your area).

The sign-up form is here!

Our request for other places to advertise for artists is still wide-open as well. Are you a member of a DeviantArt community or artist message board that you think would be a good place to advertise? Send a link our way! The more, the merrier.

Story selection opens on Monday, September 6th! Watch this space for an announcement of a more specific time.


The deadline for submitting summaries is fast approaching! Please note that, despite the extension of artist sign-ups, we will still be posting summaries for story selection on Monday, September 6th. Therefore, the due date for summaries is Sunday September 5th at midnight (click here to see the local time in your area).

Don't panic! As long as you have a good idea of what your story is about, it's totally okay if you don't have it finished (or started). However, if you do need to drop out, please let the mods know.

Your summary should be between 75 and 200 words -- long enough to give an artist a good feel for what the story is about, its setting and tone, and which characters are in the story and which romantic and/or platonic relationships are featured, if any; but not so long as to be overwhelming. Please submit your summary using this form.

If you are signed up as a team with an artist, you should not submit a summary. If you are working in a team with another writer, you should submit only one summary. If you don't want your story to be illustrated, there is also no need to send in a summary, but in that case please let the mods know, so we know not to expect a summary from you.

Any questions? Drop the mods an email, or leave your question in comments.
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Hello, gorgeous members!

The deadline for artist sign-ups for this round of Mega Flare approaches! The last day for artists to sign up is September 3rd at midnight (click for time in your location!). We are still hoping for more artists — if you have any interest or know of anyone who might not have heard of us that would potentially be interested in creating some awesome Final Fantasy art for the rad stories that are currently being written, come on down. :)

Here is the sign-up form, which will be available until the aforementioned deadline.

We hope to see some new artist faces! Thanks very much, and to our writers: do not panic, you still have plenty of time. ;)
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Over at our support community, [community profile] boss_battle, we've opened the doors to a stylishly decorated e-gymnasium for the Megaflare Mixer. Please come on over and join the party. Party hats will be provided, but watch out, because someone will probably spike the punch. Not that I'm naming names or anything.


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