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The Mega Flare 2011 collection is now open for posting, both stories and artwork!

Not sure how to post your creative work to the collection? Check out the posting tutorial here.

Need an AO3 account? Contact the mods.

Ready, set, go! :D
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Can you believe that posting time is almost upon us? We sure can't! And yet here we are, only a few short days away.

The 2011 Mega Flare collection on AO3 will open on Friday, October 28th, no later than 10am Pacific Time. An announcement will go up here once the collection is open. Posting will be open for a little over two weeks, until Sunday, November 13.

Planning on posting and still need an AO3 account? Please let the mods know as soon as possible! The invite queue is reportedly quite long right now, so it's best to contact us if you need one.

Good luck everyone!!!
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Hi everyone,

This is it: the official posting period for Mega Flare 2010 has ended! Congratulations to everyone who got stories and/or artwork in on time.

Three more stories went up today! They are:

Dead Men's Tales by [personal profile] imadra_blue, a FFXIII story featuring Hope/Cid.

Shift the Skin by kirana, a post-FFVIII Seifer/Squall story.

The Haunting of Vector Hall by Shaded Mazoku, a Leo/Kefka FFVI AU.

Also, [personal profile] dagas_isa's story, Alchemy off the Coast of Ivalice, has now been updated with artwork by [livejournal.com profile] muggy_mountain!

As a reminder, posting will remain open even though the "official" deadline is now past. No need to do anything special for a late post -- just add the story to the collection as usual. We will continue checking in on the community and doing promotion posts here, although not every day.

Once again, thank you and congratulations to everyone who finished, and best of luck to everyone who is still working!


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