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Congratulations to our participants who made today's official posting deadline!

Two more stories have been posted, one with artwork:

Reap the Whirlwind by [personal profile] stealth_noodle, a FFIV story featuring Barbariccia.

A Means to an End, written by [personal profile] deadcellredux and illustrated by Bix, a Turk story set after the end of FFVII.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in this year's 2011 round of Mega Flare! :) Late posting will be open until at least next spring, so if you finish late, please feel free to go ahead and post your work. Although we will no longer be checking for new stories every day, we'll continue to post and promote every week or so. Please do take a look at your fellow participants' stories in the AO3 collection, and if you like them, make sure to let the creators know!
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Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that we have just two days left in the official posting period for the 2011 round of Mega Flare. So get those stories and artwork in!

Also, as of today, two more stories have been added to the collection:

Balthier's Guide to Ivalice by empyrean: "Balthier takes us on a tour of Ivalice, from the Westersands to Giruvegan, and not-so-gently guides Vaan into sky piracy the best way he knows how."

Wardens of Ivalice: The Joining, an FFXII crossover with Dragon Age: Origins by [personal profile] owlmoose.

Read and enjoy. And good luck to everyone still working! We are almost there.
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Congratulations to [archiveofourown.org profile] wingeddserpent, the first person to post a story for the 2011 round of Mega Flare!

trust is (in itself) a miracle - FFVII, "What it means to be a Turk in those bleakest days."

Check it out!

And good luck to everyone who is still working! The deadline looms, but you still have time. She tells herself, determinedly.
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Hi everyone,

This is it: the official posting period for Mega Flare 2010 has ended! Congratulations to everyone who got stories and/or artwork in on time.

Three more stories went up today! They are:

Dead Men's Tales by [personal profile] imadra_blue, a FFXIII story featuring Hope/Cid.

Shift the Skin by kirana, a post-FFVIII Seifer/Squall story.

The Haunting of Vector Hall by Shaded Mazoku, a Leo/Kefka FFVI AU.

Also, [personal profile] dagas_isa's story, Alchemy off the Coast of Ivalice, has now been updated with artwork by [livejournal.com profile] muggy_mountain!

As a reminder, posting will remain open even though the "official" deadline is now past. No need to do anything special for a late post -- just add the story to the collection as usual. We will continue checking in on the community and doing promotion posts here, although not every day.

Once again, thank you and congratulations to everyone who finished, and best of luck to everyone who is still working!
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Hi everyone,

Don't forget that the posting deadline is coming up! We extended our deadline to this upcoming Sunday, November 21st (click here for local time and date.)

We are up to six stories now, which is great! Two new stories went up today; they are:

Same As It Never Was by [personal profile] justira and [personal profile] seventhe, an epic FFVIII fic.

Reconcilable Differences, an FFXII post-game story by [personal profile] owlmoose.

Come take a look! We are almost to the finish line.
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Two new stories are up! Check them out! They are:

We All Gotta Grow by Rebbe, a FFXIII story featuring Hope/Serah.

A Sense of Commitment written by [profile] pixelnyx and featuring artwork by [livejournal.com profile] manic_intent, a FFXII backstory AU.

Also, I have been in communication with the folks at AO3, and they have assured me that the site is working better now -- although there still may be some slowness, they have made some fixes that should cut down on the server errors. So if you've been waiting on better site performance to upload your creations, now might be a good time to give it a whirl! Let us know how it goes.

Don't forget, we have extended the deadline by one week, to Sunday, November 21st.
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Just wanted to let you all know that AO3 is back up and running and ready for us to resume posting, with two more days to go in the official posting period!

Also, the second story has been posted: Born to Better Fates, a FFVIII AU written by [personal profile] regann and illustrated by [personal profile] cumuluscastle! Hooray!

We will promote new stories as they come in, so keep 'em coming...


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