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Hi everyone! Sorry we've gone so long between updates and reminders -- we hope all our authors are all making excellent progress. A few things:

1. Artist sign-ups are still open until September 25th! Join us, and send your friends! As of this writing, we only have three artists who are not signed up as a team with an author, and we'd love more. Cookies for anyone who helps us recruit.

The Sign-Up Form

2. We've had a question about whether vids and fanmixes are allowed as story artwork, along with more traditional illustrations, and we are happy to announce that the answer is officially YES! More creative outlets can only be a good thing. Currently, video embeds are supported from Youtube, Vimeo, blip.tv, Dailymotion, Viddler, Metacafe, 4shared CreativeCommons, ning and vidders.net. Details about fanmix hosting will be coming soon. Once it's all together, we'll add everything to the FAQ in plenty of time for posting.

3. Authors: the rough draft deadline is coming up on September 18th! Don't panic, though -- this doesn't mean your story needs to be finished, or even completely drafted. Our only requirement is that your draft be at least 33% of the wordcount for your selected level (see the bottom of this post for specifics). Watch for the submission form to be posted sometime next week.

You can also choose not to submit your story for artwork if you're not sure you'll be ready in time -- stories without artwork are more than welcome in the collection! And of course, if you signed up with an artist partner, there's no need for you to submit a summary or a draft.

That's all for now. Any questions, just let us know!
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